My first pull request

I’ve been perusing a few job postings for Ruby on Rails developers lately, and noticed that one of the first things employers ask for is your Github profile.  I’m always nervous to show this, since I have zero public contributions.

Not anymore!

I was browsing one of the gems that I use often; Ryan Bates nifty-generators gem from  Ryan really knows his stuff, and he’s always so nice and helpful anytime I’ve emailed or messaged him on Twitter.  If you ever read this, Ryan – thank you!

The commit that I submitted the pull request was very, very simple.  It was adding the background-color to the html tag in his nifty:layout generator.  Without it, you run into weird browser issues like this:

He hasn’t committed it yet to his master file, but he did comment the pull request thanking me for the submission.  I know I didn’t do much, but I’m very proud have actually helped.

The mere fact that I get like this when programming confirms a long, desire I’ve never really expressed.  I was my career to be in programming. 🙂

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