Fitness Log #1

Making a public commitment to achieve any goal is a strong motivator to not give up. No one wants to be humiliated in front of others. Funny enough; even though I don’t have a large reader base yet, I still feel a strong commitment by posting in the public domain (those darn internets).

I’m going to keep track of my strength training by posting my fitness log to my blog. I won’t go into detail on nutrition, and will only post on rest days when I have important thoughts.

Bodyfat: < 8% year round
Strength: Hit new PR’s each workout using Starting Strength
Weight: No real target here; just want to get my BF low and build a better body

Nutrition Program: Intermittent Fasting
Workout Program: Starting Strength (as of 5/31/11)

First Days into Intermittent Fasting

First few days into IF’ing; so far so good. I stop eating at 9PM and pick it back up at 1PM, so I fast for right about 16 hours. I decided my calorie breakdown would be (I’m 5’8″, 162lbs, ~15%BF as of today):

Workout Days
194g protein
242g carbs
64g fat
2328 calories
Rest Days
194g protein
150g carbs
81g fat
2052 calories


Fish Oil
Purple Wraath (BCAA)
Vitamin D3 and Calcium Supplements
Elastijoint for Glucosamine (I have always had aches; hereditary)

I go into detail on the brands I personally use here.

Also doing Starting Strength, so if I don’t see any gains weekly I’ll up my calorie intake across the board. I have an idea that my basal metabolic rate (BMR) is around 2500 calories, so if that’s the case I’ll probably have to bring it up anyway to gain strength.

I had a chance to read “Stop. Eat. Stop” per Martin Berkhan’s site. Fasting for longer periods of time may have additional benefits I might experiment with later on. It was a fast, easy read.

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