Fitness Log #2

Bench Press
Parallel Squat
6 x Bodyweight
4 x Bodyweight
4 x Bodyweight


The bench felt good today. I was a little scared about hitting a new personal record with no spotter. I should probably look into what other people are doing. I was able to get 5 reps up fairly well, but I was on a fast and didn’t take any BCAA before going (should be in tomorrow morning).

Squats felt fairly well. Initially I had a little pain in my upper right shoulder, but adjusting the bar the next time a little further down my back helped that out tons. I’ll do that from now on.

The last set of 5 squats was tough. My grip was starting to fall a bit and it seemed to mess up my focus. I might of had a little rounding on the last couple of reps on the last set; my lower back feels a little tight. No pulls though. I need to continue working on my form.

Chinups. Ah, chinups, how I hate you. I was only able to muster up a measly 6 reps on my first shot. I want to get up more than 10 and then start adding some weight. My goal is to eventually rep 1.5x my bodyweight over 10 times.

Gym was packed. I went in the lunch hour. I might try starting my fast at 8PM and going an hour early to see if there is less of a crowd next time. I spent about an hour in the gym today, and normally this workout is about 45 minutes for me.

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