Fitness Log #3

Parallel Squat
3x5x190 (New Record!)
Military Press
5x3x95 (New Record!)
1x5x165 (New Record!)


About 15 minutes before working out, I took some BCAA (Purple Wraath) per the Leangains guide. About a minute or so into the workout (15 minutes later) my hands started to tingle as if there were asleep, only the tingling vs actual asleep feeling was much less intense. Interesting! The product mentioned this would happen so I’m not alarmed.

I also tried out deadlifting for the first time. Why have I been so afraid to tackle this workout? I loved it! I began with just 135lbs to test out how I felt and work on my form. I increased it by about 30 lbs a couple of sets later and felt that was a good starting point. I didn’t want to go too high my first time and stress anything out. Besides – Starting Strength has me increase my weight by 15lbs every session so that’ll go up in no time.

I really enjoyed the higher carb training day. I was scarfing myself with an extra banana, peaches, and might enjoy some cheesecake later today. IF seems really easy to me right now; a 16 hour fast is nothing.

My weight hasn’t really changed much, but I’m glad my increase of calories on training days isn’t increasing my weight. I’m mostly in a recomp phase at the moment, so it looks like things are working out just fine.

I’m a bit embarrassed at how backwards my lifts are. It should be Deadlift > Squat > Bench and I’m completely the opposite. I know it’s because I’m a beginner, but hopefully I can change that sooner than later. I’m keeping my stats in my signature to invite criticism (gives me motivation) and to hold myself accountable (I’m not proud of them and want them to go up!).

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