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I’m tired of not hitting my fitness goals.  Aren’t you?  In the past, I would visit the gym sporadically, lift a few weights, experiment with various machines, and peer over at the free weights pondering how ridiculous I’d look next to the guys that seemingly had it all figured out.

Out of the blue, something changed. Earlier this year I made a gigantic breakthrough in my desire to look great. I’m going to share my discovery with you and also give you a step-by-step guide on how to apply this to your life in this three part series.

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I Want Big Muscles

Who doesn’t?  I’m going to go ahead and say it. All men have aspirations for those bulging biceps, chiseled chest, and ripping six-pack abs. All women want a tight stomach, hard gluteus maximus, and toned legs (I know that’s an assumption, but why not?).

We want to look good, and that’s ok! Unfortunately, most of us have given up on those dreams; shrugging them off due to supposed bad genetics, “big-bones”, or simply a lack of self-confidence. I’ve even met people that say that a body like that is “not for them”. Are you kidding me? Why don’t you just flat out tell me you’ve given up on yourself instead of beating around the bush? Give yourself an opportunity to succeed.

The Breakthrough
It wasn’t until earlier this year when I discovered that my focus on astethic appeal was actually the obstacle that was holding me back.  My intense desire to look great was actually limiting my results. Stay with me here – I know this seems counter intuitive.

Close your eyes, shut the door to your office or turn off the TV, and think for a moment. What is your primary motivation for going to the gym?  When reflecting on your motivations, really try and get to the nuts and bolts of why you drag yourself out of the house to break a sweat. Take the time now to really think this through.

Most people are in one of these three camps:

  1. I want to lose weight.
  2. I want big muscles.
  3. I just want to be healthy.

Sadly, all three are doomed to eventually fail.  I was one of the guys that only wanted big muscles. You have to change your mindset before you can intentionally place yourself on the path to accomplishing your health and fitness goals.

If you’re not looking to get fit, and stay fit until you leave this earth, I honestly think you’re kidding yourself. When your health is great, you experience euphorias such as increased energy, libido, and self-confidence. Who doesn’t want that?!

Finding The Right Motivation

This is going to be your catalyst for success; I promise.  Once you discover this simple truth about those who are successful in the weight room, you’ll discover how much time you’ve wasted and if you’re like me, will immediately refocus your training and see immediate results.

The answer is simple: commit to personal growth.  Forget about that ideal body you admired in a fitness magazine for a second.  Stop thinking about what the scale told you this morning.  The way to ensure your success to accomplishing all your fitness and health goals is a strong commitment to personal growth.

What Exactly Does That Mean?

Here’s a few key differences between someone who has made a commitment to personal growth and someone who hasn’t.

  • A person committed to personal growth knows the total amount of calories their body expends on a daily basis, and plans their meals around this.
  • Most people figure that a healthy diet means you can’t eat, when usually it’s the other way around. You eat plenty!
  • A person committed to personal growth plans their training in advance.
  • Most people reactively go from machine to treadmill, lift a dumbbell here and there, and commonly exhibit poor form with free weights.
  • A person committed to personal growth progressively increases the weight they use after each subsequent visit to the gym for a particular exercise, and tracks those results multiple times a week.
  • Most people try to recall what they did last time, which is usually wrong, and proceed to work out until their arms fall off or their legs give out.
  • A person committed to personal growth understands that losing weight is simply the result of a calorie deficit (more on that later).
  • Most people think that without cardio, it’s impossible to lose weight effectively.

A strong commitment to personal growth motivates you to understand how the body works, how nutrition is more than half the battle, and encourages you to perfect any visible signs of poor form.

Growing as a human in mind, body and soul is a core, fundamental drive that each of us has locked inside. Unlocking this potential in any area of your life inevitably leads to explosive, positive change that impacts you forever.

When applied to health and fitness, you suddenly find yourself with a thirst for knowledge on how nutrition effects your body and how to effectively gain strength with weight training. You become addicted to the results your body rewards you with when the understanding of your potential becomes reality, and a new, vibrant, upgraded version of yourself greets you in the mirror.

How To Shift Your Focus Today

The first step towards shifting your focus is to undersand the basics of nutrition and fitness.  A solid foundation will help you build a skyscraper when others are building straw huts.

Commit to making a lasting change. If you really stop and think about it, this moment – whether your sitting casually in your living room, in your home office, or at work – this moment could change your life forever.

I’m going to commit to personal growth in regards to my health and fitness.

Over the next two days, I will nose dive into nutrition and share what I’ve learned that has helped me achieve amazing results since the beginning of this year. The best part is that the change isn’t slowing down! I’ve lost 14 lbs in 3 months without cutting back on my eating habits and only spending 3 hours a week in the gym.

Stick with me for a few days, keep an open mind and I promise you’ll come away with a better understanding of your body and how it can improve.

The next post in the series is up! Next I focus on nutrition, which I believe is 80% of the battle.

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