Trendmaker Homes: All Closing Costs Paid in Cross Creek Ranch

Trendmaker Homes - Cross Creek Ranch PromotionThis deal doesn’t offer a bonus (that I’m aware of) but I thought I’d get the word out anyway because it’s awesome and you’ll still get my 1% rebate.

Trendmaker homes is offering to pay all of your closing costs (including pre-paid items) on homes in Cross Creek Ranch that close by December 29, 2011 and are financed through their mortgage company, Linear Financial. It’s pretty common for builders to offer incentives for using their subsidiary arms, but it’s usually a dollar amount rebate.

Having all your closing costs paid for in full is pretty sweet, so definitely jump on this if you can. Use me as your agent and I can give you an additional 1% off to use as you wish! You’ll probably want to reduce the sales price on the house, or you can even use it for shiny upgrades.

Get in touch with me to take advantage of this offer ASAP.

Builder Information

Notes: Just celebrated their 40th anniversary and currently builds all around Houston and it’s suburbs. A long time builder here and has a solid reputation for quality and high build standards.

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